Hotel Operator Branding/Re-Branding Selection & Contract Negotiation  

Insight has the expertise in working with either most local and regional companies or international hotel management companies on a wide variety of hotel and resort projects.

Our keen understanding of branding, management efficiency and in-depth knowledge of commercial structure fees allows us to deliver the ideal operator on the best possible terms every time.

We also represent the owners to negotiate the best deal for the hotel management company and brands.


Services at a glance:

•          Shortlist appropriate operators for the property.
•          Request proposals from selected operators.
•          Responsibility & Re-Branding: We have a highly skilled management team that can put
           forth and create a focused repositioning and rebranding plans based on thorough
           market research and cost analysis.   

•          Hotel Re-Branding conversion service.
•          Evaluate interested operators on key attributes.
•          Review and negotiation process with owner’s legal counsel to obtain best possible terms
           and conditions for:
                                   - The Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding
                                   - Management Agreement Components
                                   - PIP Negotiation.
                                   - Technical Services Agreement